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Bringing parents and children closer

The joy of Parenthood

The joy of parenthood is unmatchable. In our excitement and happiness or probably even eagerness we tend to get anxious and compare milestones.

We do reprimand ourselves but how do we appease our hearts once and for all?

An appropriate parent-toddler program is one of the answers.

Here, the parents get to meet parents from different walks of life and also toddlers who have reached different milestones. Sharing information,  observing our own child’s progress, and more importantly how ready is our little one for the first big steps to a playgroup.  It gives you a better understanding of our kids. The ideal age for these sessions would be about 12 months to 2.5 years.

A parent-toddler program is curated with a mix of activities, jingles, circle time, and some fun games. The parent-toddler together participates in these and follows the instructions of the instructor. Let us look at them in more detail:

Games and Activities: These are curated specifically for building Fine and Gross motor skills. They also develop hand-eye coordination. Strengthening the fingertips is very essential.  Gadget addiction starts early. It is said that there are 3000 sensory tissues in our fingertips. Just flipping through screens on a device does not help them build muscle strength in their fingers to hold a pencil.

Music and Arts or Crafts:  The facilitator or instructor gives directions and the children slowly start listening, understanding, and then following these instructions carefully. The singing of the following rhymes helps to build clarity of speech. The dancing helps build body balance. Arts and crafts help introduce colors to toddlers.

Picture Talk: Show and Tell is a good method to initiate vocabulary in toddlers. It also has a high recall among kids. It helps them relate the picture to the actual. A picture of a rooster in their book read regularly will have a high recall when they see one in real or even on Visual devices.

Art and Craft: This is the most favorite time for the kids to get messy yet highly creative. Exploring paints, textures, scrubbing, doodling, pressing their fingerprintsfingerprints on paper, stamping, sticking, plucking holding, etc helps the kids understand their physical strength and also helps the kids listen to instructions.

Join a session and see your child enjoy and play together with so many kids.

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