Entertaining kids and engaging with them constructively is an art. At S.L.A.T.E we practice and perfect that. Conceptualized with the focus on a child’s multisensorial learning, the Play-Space is designed to offer a plethora of games, puzzles, activities, music, crafts, storytime, and classes all under one roof.

Facilities at S.L.A.T.E

  • Scientifically Curated play-and-learn equipment and spaces.
  • Hygienic environment and sanitized toys and play space.
  • CCTV monitoring at all times.
  • Child-safe environment with no sharp edges.

The shop floor of S.L.A.T.E is segmented into

Soft play zone

This is an exclusive play area for kids between the age of 6 months to 18 months. The equipment is child safe, soft and, multisensorial . The equipment helps develop and improve hand-eye coordination and basic mobility. This cordoned off area allows the kids to play and enjoy their toys without the worry of bumping into the older children.

Free play zone

The free play zone offers play equipment that develop and improve both fine and gross motor skills. The kids can engage in pretend-play, use the ball pit, slide, jump, hang, roll, crawl, and have a ball. This also includes a wide outdoor-space for kids to use small ride-on and other wheeled toys.

Books corner

The mini-library boasts of a wide selection of age-appropriate books to introduce children to the magical world of imagination and reading. The place is designed to excite and encourage the child to pick up a book and read. Book-reading sessions are organised in this corner.

A sneak peak into our snug play care………..

We play, roll, tumble, laugh, bond, share, create and just be us !