Pop-up S.L.A.T.E

Pop-Up S.L.A.T.E

Flea markets are the nest place for small entrepreneurs to showcase their products best. It attracts a unique footfall. Here the shoppers want to peruse the options, go back forth and then buy what they truly like. This takes time and patience.  Its practically impossible with a child in tow. Here is where , S.L.A.T.E has tie up with many Flea organisers and we are provided a dedicated space inside the Flea arena.  Here, we have many activities and games, toys, Art and craft, puzzles, tattoo , ride-ons etc.  We have expert care givers who look after the kids while they enjoy and the parents can shop.

We have developed a BRAND and TRUST of our own in Pune.  Our hard work speaks for itself and we have done over 50 Birthday parties or Pop-ups in 2019 alone!

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