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Why puppets work?

Puppets are the most powerful tools in story sessions. Teachers, Educator, and even parents use it extensively for showcasing or communicating the essence of the story.

It is one of the oldest forms of storytelling. Its origin is dated to 5th Century BC in  Ancient Greece. People needed Puppetry to explain the lands far away, cultures and customs, and even explain warfare to soldiers.

I always compare the Puppet equivalent to a sword to a warrior. The Sword does the talking and even makes eye contact with the opponent. So is the “PUPPET”. Skillful manipulation of the puppet is the key and practice. There are many varieties of Puppets but I use hand puppets.

The same ingredients as a story session are involved here too. The story, music, songs, voice modulation, and most importantly the movements of the puppets.

The puppet gives a sense of 3rd party to the child and more relatable. They feel ” See….. When I work hard I can be better like the Mr.Bull”  or ” As I grow up I want to plant more trees like Tara”.

 It’s a beautiful tool to use while portraying difficult or sensitive topics such as “Good Touch and Bad Touch”.

The puppet show on Good Touch and Bad Touch has been showcased at different platforms by me, such as schools, Pune International Literature Festival, Puppetry Workshop for Teachers and Educators, etc.

It’s handy too for everyone. Look out for our Puppetry and Story Workshops in the coming soon column.

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