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Before I proceed to what to expect in my story sessions lets just cut to a cookery show.

In a cookery Show, The chef first introduces the dish as to where it comes from, what’s the specialty, why he/she wants to showcase this dish specifically, and what it means to them or its relevance in the current season.

Then it proceeds to list of ingredients visually in small glass cups, then the cooking process starts. As the dish is cooked, they sometimes sing a song or mention a movie that this dish made its presence. After its ready, we see the completed dish, here there is a written recap of the list of ingredients and also the method. The learning does not stop here. The Chef then mentions and urges us to try this dish at home or then even for any doubts we can purchase a copy of the book in which this dish is published.

So, even for us adults, learning happens in various stages:





Relevance or history

Musical learning

Finally, revision or reiterations

Hence a story session needs to have all these ingredients to make learning impartial and easy for kids. 

The use of gestures, costumes, props, songs, use of eye contact, language, musical instruments, right timing, and even silence is of utmost importance.

The craft as a take-back at the end of the session helps the kids have high recall and probably also retell to their siblings or family members.

This is the secret of a successful story session and this is what one can expect in my session too.

I call a good story session as a  “Masala  Cutting Chai!”

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