Teacher-training/Educators Workshops

At a Kinder garden Teachers Training Workshop.

How to tell stories better

Teacher Training or the Educators workshop are more advanced in story techniques. It obviously includes all of the elements of a story workshop but it also includes:

  1. Hand on activities: Implementing what we already know, what we have learnt and what we have to explore more is required. The hand-on activities help teachers interact with peers and come up with creative solutions to the activities shared.
  2. Use of aids: story tellers also need help with aides while delivering the story. It may be a puppet, musical instrument, a student representative, co-teacher, props or the shadows. A lot of practical scenes will be explored with the participants. The workshop tries to scale through from Kinder garden teachers to senior school teachers.
  3. Encouraging leadership: A teacher is a leader too. Reflecting the right leadership qualities is quintessential. Choice of story, Portrayal of  characters, looping this with current or lesson plan make the kids more engrossed and also respect their teachers even more.
  4. Storytelling and Classroom management:  Managing a class is a challenge but storytelling can bring out the best in tough, shy, extrovert and introvert student at the same time and build meaningful relationships with the students.

Story Telling is an emotional thermometer. It’s the perfect session which gauges a person’s ( here a child’s) mental health, channel of thought, fixations, happy/sad endings, creativity and imagination, anxiety or control, help kids with speech bubble, stage fear, and honestly……… the list is endless.

This workshop is imperative for teachers to have in their bag of tricks to help kids have fun while they learn.

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